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Ocean Energy & Resource Ltd (Ocean) was formed in 1977 during work by its then three principles (see Ocean history) on Mobil’s highly innovative Beryl A Condeep project.   In the early days of North Sea development there were many difficult technical challenges that had never before been attempted such as deeper water, more severe weather, greater remoteness and limited equipment.  These challenges were met with verve and imagination and some companies developed a spirit of practical innovation which continues to meet the new challenges of offshore energy development of the 21st Century.  Ocean is clearly a leader in this field!  

Contemporary challenges now include:

  • Vastly Deeper Water
  • Sustainability 
  • More Complex HSE, and 
  • A Difficult Economic Climate!

In your visit to this web site you will see that Ocean meets these challenges too, offering well-conceived innovative but pragmatic and cost-effective solutions to a variety of offshore energy problems ─ Ocean offers Profit through Innovation!


We operate in the Offshore Oil market which will be around for many decades yet but which needs to be more sustainable, productive and cost-effective.

We operate in Offshore Renewables offering uniquely effective designs which easily offer the lowest through-life costs, and lower LCOE than any competing technology.

We operate in Carbon Sequestration offering a game-changing concept which can initiate CCS in Europe and the wider world and improve oil recovery through CO2 EOR

Thought & Innovation Leaders

Ocean is a thought leader and our innovative designs are often copied by others. A major International “World Leader” in offshore engineering implies that Ocean’s Sea Nova design is its own and directly misleads potential clients into believing it was wholly responsible for that development which it was not! Another US engineering company illustrates an Ocean Resource designed flare buoy as its own when, in fact, our buoy system was designed and supplied as a replacement for the original flare buoy which sank on installation. Our flare buoy, originally supplied as a temporary replacement, is still in operation 17 years later. 

Our developed technology offers you, the field or renewables developer, a unique route to the profitable development of your offshore asset using innovative, evolved and robust technology. 

Don’t use expensive and less effective copies!

Beacon Business Park
Norman Way
NP26 5PY

15th Floor, West Block 
Wisma Selangor Dredging
142C, Jalan Ampang 
50450 Kuala Lumpur




Head Office Phone: +44 (0) 1291 40 80 88

Malaysia Office Phone: +60 13 439 3114

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